Firstly, expressing my warm welcome to everyone and regards to our loyal customers and those who corresponds and coordinate with Classic Foils Ltd.

Classic Foils is committed to excellence. We always strive to give our customers what they expect, when they expect it – every time!

We stimulate creativity by helping our clients mirror their new product innovations with packaging that is consistent and impactful. Offering innovative, high-quality packaging, what makes CFL stand out is also our personal relationship with our clients.

We are committed to delivering world class quality by adhering to stringent quality parameters and ensure consistency by subjecting every product to well defined standards, we consistently pursuing a multi-product strategy that is geared towards the requirements of our customers. We are maintaining high standards of Corporate Governance at every level of operation and complying with all environmental norms and regulations.

At the end of the day, it’s about listening to our customers and working together to achieve their goals. Packaging is the product at point of purchase and here at CFL, our packaging design helps to sell that product!